Why B.B. King Calls Her Lucille

This isn’t a movie review post. You’ll see why in a second.

Awhile back I saw B.B. King: The Life of Riley at the Brooks Museum. My review of it is pretty short: It’s great.

Now onto the whole point: Why B.B. King calls his guitar Lucille.

Lucille at B.B. King's

I learned the story from the movie, although you can find it many other places. Basically, the king of the blues was playing at a small club that only had a giant can of kerosene for warmth. Two guys started fighting and eventually knocked the lit kerosene over. This caught the club on fire and sent everyone running.

As soon as he got outside B.B. realized his guitar was still inside. He saved it but almost lost his life in the process. He later learned the guys were fighting over a woman named Lucille. So he named his guitar that to remind himself to never do anything like that ever again!

You can hear the man himself tell the story right here:

We’re giving away a print of one of Rebecca’s paintings that was inspired by that famous guitar. The drawing is on September 7th so enter to win real quick!

Rebecca Phillips B.B. King's Lucille Print

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My husband would love this print! I’ve been searching for a good one year anniversary present and this would be perfect! Am I able to purchase this somewhere or request it?

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