Welcome to Memphis Type History: The Podcast

Welcome to Memphis Type History: The Podcast where we share weekly bits of signs and stories from Memphis history

In this first ever episode of Memphis Type History: The Podcast,┬áRebecca and I welcome YOU, dear listeners. We discuss why we’re crazy enough to make a podcast, the untold story of how the dancing lady came into our lives, and what to expect from us each week.

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Memphis Type History: The Podcast will feature weekly episodes of bite-sized history and the occasional guest appearance by someone interesting. We hope you’ll consider supporting our project with your dollar bills over here on Patreon. We will send you goodies and good vibes in return.


Links Mentioned:

Jeremy Greene’s Memphis Type photography project

Rebecca’s Memphis Type Illustrated painting project

The Downtown Dolls legs + a visit to Drink-n-Drag

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Very well done, ladies! I enjoyed listening and it was very informative especially since I plan to be vacationing in Memphis in about a week and will visit Elmwood. I especially want to look for Rufus the dog and have a doggy bone detector coming with me

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