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This Wasn’t Always Casey’s Motel

Casey's Motel Memphis
Casey’s Motel: Painting by Rebecca Philips

At different art shows I’ve had people come up to me and ask if this painting is of Casey’s Motel on Elvis Presley Blvd or Bellevue. And the answer is both! Drive far enough south on S. Bellevue and you’ll discover at some point Elvis Presley Blvd occupies the street name, though there was a time when the road was solely named S. Bellevue. Likewise, Casey’s Motel once possessed a different name. In the 1930’s it was the Rose Court motel.

Rose Court Motel Memphis
Courtesy of Birch Harms

It is my quest to find out when and how the name changed. Also, I am curious to learn of the lady who is currently residing in the office while the motel itself sadly stands in distress and for sale. I imagine acquiring history and stories of the motel may be a challenge, but what a genuine delight it will be to discover what they are! If you, yourself, have a story of Casey’s Motel you would care to share please tell I pray thee.

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My grandfather Larry L. “Lewis” Doerr owned this motel years ago. Any many like it around Memphis. Larry’s motel and The rebel inn. I’ve got a whole file cabinets of info on a lot of cool old stuff like this. I’ve even have old room keys! Ever heard of Albert’s cabins?? Haha. ” tha best hide out in town “

Forgot to mention the motel on Lamar. I think it’s still a motel today? 3466 Lamar

Seriously I’ve got tons of cool old stuff. My grandfather was a pack rat..

I am the current owner of Casey’s Motel. I have decided to rehab the motel with a few new twist. I am seeking investors or lovers of Memphis History to be a part. If you are interested or know of members of the Casey’ family, reach out. 901-644-0847

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