Ladies Night

In this episode of Memphis Type History: The Podcast, we take each and every one of you out for Ladies Night! And guess what? It’s a two-for-one special tonight because we each share the story of a Memphis lady we love. Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Podbean | Google Play First, Rebecca makes Caitlin play […]

Guest Posts North Memphis

The Holiday Inn Great Sign

Many of you have asked us about the Holiday Inn sign. Today, we’re pleased to bring you a guest post exploring the history of this iconic sign by Caroline Mitchell Carrico, Exhibits Design Coordinator at the Memphis Pink Palace Museum. Without further ado, we present the Holiday Inn sign… In 1951, Memphis businessman Kemmons Wilson […]

North Memphis

History on Wheels: Memphis Bicycle Co.

(The Amagliani brothers and their father, courtesy of Shannon Caraway) Guerrino Amagliani opened Memphis Motorcycle Co. in 1917. The store’s first location was on Cooper, but it later moved to 190 Union Avenue, on what is now the grounds of AutoZone Park. Guerrino’s children – John, Mary, Mike, Gene, Joe, and Frank – helped out […]


Lucky Electric Supply Incorporated

Lucky Electric Supply’s (LES) hand-painted sign, with its scale, script and sans-serif type, truly stands out from the rest. There are at least three hand-painted signs: one facing GE Patterson Avenue (south side) and one on the east and west sides. The behemoth ghost sign, on the building’s east side, takes up a good chunk of the […]


Behold the Sputnik

Video via There are only few functional Roto-Spheres (or Sputniks) on this planet and Memphis holds one of them. Take a viewing of this dazzling footage by the inventor Warren Milks, compiled by Debra Jane Seltzer of In this video there are Roto-Spheres as well as their “siblings,” Turn-Stars and Roto-Rings. Debra Jane […]