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The Remnants of an 80’s Kid’s Summer Avenue

In East Memphis by Samantha Hegenheiser-Finley17 Comments

I’m honored to write my first contributor’s post for Memphis Type History. I’m especially excited to delve into my own past and to, in a way, write this post from the perspective of an elementary school-aged version of myself. My memories of being out and about as a child almost solely consist of being on or around Summer Avenue – nearly always …

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Roller Skating Down Memory Lane

In East Memphis by Rebecca Phillips3 Comments

I had the privilege of meeting the family and staff who run Skateland Raleigh, East End, and Cordova Skating Centers. The goal was to discover if and how Skateland Raleigh was in connection to the Skateland on Old Summer road. In the end, I left with so much more. The family who runs the business are a pure delight, warm, …