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TGI Friday’s

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In this episode of Memphis Type History: The Podcast, Rebecca tells Caitlin about how TGI Friday’s is where people meeting at bars basically originated. You’ll learn the story of how Memphis made it a franchise, and how without TGI Friday’s, Caitlin may have never been born. Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Podbean | Google Play In 2016, TGI Fridays announced …

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Christmas in Memphis

In Podcast by Caitlin L. Horton2 Comments

In this episode of Memphis Type History: The Podcast, we’re talking all things Christmas in Memphis and sharing YOUR memories of this magical holiday. Hang your tinsel, grab your hot chocolate, and settle in for a jolly good time on this week’s show! Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Podbean | Google Play The Enchanted Forest at Goldsmiths Ask a longtime …

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The Best of Christmas in Memphis

In Random by Caitlin L. Horton1 Comment

I was curious one evening not all that long ago about what kind of holiday traditions we used to enjoy here in Memphis. Here are some tidbits I gathered. Please comment with your own stories and memories! Sandra Reeves is one of many with fond memories of Christmastime in Memphis: Memphis, the city, was an enchanted place to be as …

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The Life and Times of the French Quarter Hotel

In Midtown by Brenda Wilkerson8 Comments

In 1983, the corner of Madison and Cooper was home to a popular supper club called Solomon Alfred’s (formerly Godfathers). The club’s owner, plastic surgeon Dr. Garnett Murphy, thought the property might be better suited to a boutique-style hotel. He partnered with successful local hotel developers Ron Kirkpatrick (Sr. and Jr.), Don Pemberton, and Tom Talley. Inspired by the Lagniappe …

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Overton Key Art

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One of the best parts of living where I live, is it is in walking distance to Overton Square. For the past year, when days are not cold and dreary, I have enjoyed venturing over to the square to see its progression into a little land of great mirth. I’ve observed a parking garage ascend, new artwork cover walls, new …