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Joe’s Mixology

In Midtown by Rebecca Phillips2 Comments

mix•ol•o•gist [mik-sol-uh-jist] noun a person skilled in making mixed drinks; bartender. Though there is some hesitancy in dubbing a mixologist the same as a bartender. A bartender is expected to know a large mass of common and popular cocktails, serve many people at once, and put on the charm like a late 1980’s Tom Cruise. A mixologist, on the other hand, is …

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A Story From Kristin

In Midtown by Rebecca PhillipsLeave a Comment

Kristin Young sent us this sweet little story and we desired a sharing.. “I grew up  a few blocks west of where Joe’s Wines & their infamous neon sign. Everyone else calls it The Sputnik, but I’ve never called it that nor will I ever. One of the first times my parents drove me past it after I could verbalize …