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The Southern Narrative Quilt Mural

In Northeast by Kelly Howe4 Comments

With all the controversy surrounding murals in our city, I thought I would spotlight one that I haven’t seen much written about, the Southern Narrative Quilt Mural located on James Road. The artist, Jeffrey Unthank, is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and studied Fine Art and Illustration at Parsons School of Design and Columbus College of Art and Design. After relocating to Memphis, he worked …

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The Sculptures of Peabody Park

In Midtown by Brenda WilkersonLeave a Comment

Tucked against the train trestle on Cooper near Central, three-acre Peabody Park is a sleeper favorite of Midtowners and their children. The park was established in the early 1900s and underwent a renovation around 2000. It contains a popular splash park, a playground, a historic pavilion… and a pair of intriguing sculptures by Memphis artist Yvonne Bobo, titled “Without Boundaries.” …

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Inspiration Behind Rebecca’s Memphis Artwork

In Random by Caitlin L. HortonLeave a Comment

What’s Rebecca been up to lately? Well, for one she’s designed a series of travel posters inspired by, what else, vintage travel posters and illustration. Choose901 made this awesome video about her inspiration and love for Memphis and I think you should definitely watch it. Choose901 is selling 100 prints of each poster at their Popup Shop this Friday, May …

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Review of Casey’s Motel

In South Memphis by Caitlin L. HortonLeave a Comment

In the mood for robbery, mayhem, and general crookery? Think you might want to book a stay at Casey’s Motel? Check out this review by Rebecca Phillips first! Want to own a little piece of offbeat Memphis history? The original painting in that video is available at Front Porch Art.

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Overton Key Art

In Midtown by Rebecca PhillipsLeave a Comment

One of the best parts of living where I live, is it is in walking distance to Overton Square. For the past year, when days are not cold and dreary, I have enjoyed venturing over to the square to see its progression into a little land of great mirth. I’ve observed a parking garage ascend, new artwork cover walls, new …