Signed Memphis Type History Book


Grab a copy of Memphis Type History signed by author and artist – now in limited supply because Caitlin moved to China. Get it for your mom, get it for your pals, get it for your Memphis-loving heart.



Tourists and Memphians alike whizz by dozens of signs everyday. If they could speak up and tell their story to us, it would open a whole new world of insight into the history and culture of Memphis. In Memphis Type History: Signs and Stories From Just Around the Corner, nineteen of these everyday signs are beautifully captured by painter Rebecca Phillips. Accompanying the artwork and historical photographs is the history behind the signs, as told by the people who experienced it. Smell the fresh popcorn at the Lamar Theater, be soothed by the soulful atmosphere of Soulsville, U.S.A., and discover the scandalous history of a red neon lady. From the building with unexplained bumps in the night to the evolution of whole neighborhoods, you’ll discover intriguing stories from around the corner that will make your next drive in Memphis more meaningful than you’d ever imagined.

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