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I never understood the greatness of Elvis, The King, even after I moved to Memphis. For most of my life, my admiration of musical geniuses went to Michael Jackson and the Beatles. MJ was king of pop, a fan of magic and a hot dancer. The Beatles could do whatever they wanted and it was magic. But then there was GracelandGraceland1


Yes it’s true, I have toured the park three times and I can’t get enough. Thankfully, Graceland is in the works of expansion and I CAN NOT WAIT. So what happened? Well, I visited the park and saw a book dubbed Last Train to Memphis of which I purchased and read right away. I instantly fell in love with the man people called “The King”. When summer time came, there came another visit to the park.Graceland2


I will admit, in current times, when I see the Machine Shop I think of Elvis working on cars. When I walk by Lansky’s, I think of the slick jacket he attired himself in. When I drive by Sun Studio, I envision young Elvis singing “That’s Alright” to Sam Phillips for the very first time. I look forward to visiting the park again. Truth is, I can get enough of those jumpsuits.



Have I had a crush on Michael Jackson or Elvis?… no… but there certainly is a hunk of burning love I can’t explain for the both of them.

Here is an article regarding the expansion of the park for your enticement..

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