Finding A Place in History with Julie Mccullough

In this episode of Memphis Type History: The Podcast, Caitlin chats with Julie McCullough of This Place in History, an Instagram feed we are excited to introduce you to. She typically features Memphis homes that are on the National Historic Registry, but you can find a few other types of historical nuggets on there from time to time.

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Julie was motivated to start her American history inspired Instagram feed by a combination of things: seeing American Pickers, researching her great-great-grandfather’s story from Memphis history, and her architect brother’s line of work. We talk about East Buntyn her stories about her favorite Memphis street (spoiler alert, it’s Front), and learn about charming historical Memphis homes.

Her police officer great-great-grandfather was shot in the line of duty on Front Street chasing a robber who stole a dollar from a lady downtown. He was the first police death for the city.

Patrolman Rufus Parkinson, first police death in Memphis TN
Patrolman Rufus Parkinson

Citizens of Memphis and the Memphis Police Department raised $2,000 for Parkinson’s family after his death. Mrs. Parkinson used the money to buy land in Rosemark, TN (near Millington) and some of which still belongs to Julie’s uncle. Julie thinks that since the family moved from Memphis to Rosemark, she ended up growing up in Millington.

Front Street poem in Memphis, TN

Julie also shares her personal connections to Front Street, including this meaningful poem.

Front Street poem book in Memphis, TN

We also talk about the haunted Mollie Fontaine home, a favorite of Julie’s and one you can visit for a drink or a good hang, and we touch on the Castle, which was Julie’s very first post! A year later she posted the back of the Castle to celebrate her one-year Instagrammiversary. 

Mollie Fontaine House and Lounge in Victorian Village
Photo via Historic Memphis

Next we move onto her explorations of Victorian Village, where the “big guns” are, and her explorations of Holly Springs and beyond.

Airliewood Mansion in Holly Springs, MS
Airliewood Mansion in Holly Springs, MS

Listen to this one to get inspired about exploring history in your own way… maybe you’ll get an idea for a project too!

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