Overton Key Art

One of the best parts of living where I live, is it is in walking distance to Overton Square. For the past year, when days are not cold and dreary, I have enjoyed venturing over to the square to see its progression into a little land of great mirth. I’ve observed a parking garage ascend, new artwork cover walls, new buildings formulate along with new shops resurrecting inside them.

On one particular day I noticed a small portion of wall mounted with keys. A bit random but it certainly caught my attention and I liked it. So, with the power of social media, I posted this picture of the wall of keys and asked if anyone knew the story behind it.overtonkeys
To my upmost delight, the great Overton Square twitter people replied to my call out. They said “Our construction manager Tom collects old keys and decided to make some alley art!” In addition they included a link to a picture.. Oh, the greatness of social media.

I applaud Overton Square and the great work they are doing to enrich our great neighborhood. I also find it fantastic that they’ve included elements like alley key art to make this place unique. We are seeking personal stories of the Square from what it was long ago so please share your fond memories with us.

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