Memphis Type History Now on Instagram

It takes two to tango and, so far, two to run a little history project called Memphis Type History. While the two of us haven’t partaken in a tango together, we do like to dance a little in the digital world. I mean.. this is 2015.. the year of Hoverboards, wireless video games, and auto lacing sneakers. This is the year we also noticed people hashtagging us and Memphis Type on Instagram with some really great pictures.

So in tribute to 2015 and the future, we’ve started up a little account on Instagram.. @memphistypehistory

Come find us and tag us with your Memphis Type photos. We like your type. In addition, here are some photographs we found with #memphistypehistory and #memphistype. They are quite splendid and we are quite proud.


photo by @nothuntersample


photo by @erinmillerwilliams


photo by @maggie_louise


photo by @vernlore


photo by @vernlore


photo by @amphotostudio


photo by @supaht76


photo by Jeremy Greene (Memphis Type photographer)

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