Your Memphis Memories: That Time At the Vacant Goldsmiths

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This Memphis Memory is brought to you by Kelly King Howe who recently published a fantastic guest post on our blog called, The Southern Narrative Quilt Mural. Make certain to check it out after reading her personal Memphis memory below.

This is her story.

After I took these pictures, I ended up over by the Goldsmith’s entrance… I might have been crying a little and I was leaned back against my car looking at pictures and remembering where everything was. I see this man peek around the corner of Goldsmith’s door in the bottom right picture and then he came out….he asked me why I was crying and I told him it was because I miss the simpler times in my life. He introduced himself to me…his name was Billy and he was 83 years old. He didn’t have any teeth and offered to share his M&M’s with me. He had lived in Memphis his whole life and grew up over by Schering Plough off Jackson. He sat there and ate M&M’s and told me about simpler times…he was a walking history of Memphis….it was incredible. He had an infectious laugh and his eyes twinkled when he talked about when he was a boy. After he finished his M&M’s he said he had something he wanted to give me because he knew I would appreciate them because I loved the history of the city and the mall….he went back in the building and came out with a box full of shopping bags and boxes….and they say GOLDSMITHS!!!! That made me cry again. He put them in my car and shook my hand and told me he enjoyed our visit very much. And he walked back through the door. I know I do stupid stuff and don’t always think things through….but this day turned into a gift….and now I have a bunch of Goldsmiths bags that I will be using as gift bags (thank you anonymous friend for that suggestion).

Thanks to Kelley Howe for sending us this memory. Read an article she wrote recently for the Commercial Appeal

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