Lucky Electric Supply Incorporated


Lucky Electric Supply’s (LES) hand-painted sign, with its scale, script and sans-serif type, truly stands out from the rest. There are at least three hand-painted signs: one facing GE Patterson Avenue (south side) and one on the east and west sides. The behemoth ghost sign, on the building’s east side, takes up a good chunk of the building’s facade and appears to be the oldest of the three. Lucky Electric Supply opened in 1966 and was family-owned until the late ’90s. This signage must be nearly 50 years old.

One thing that makes this sign so beautiful is the artist’s clever use of combining a sans-serif and brush script for effective contrast. The wee four-leaf clover icon, at the bottom of this sign, may not be as important as LES’s name, but who could ignore it? It’s a nice way to reinforce the company’s message.

For more on combining typefaces, read this article from type foundry Hoefler&Co.


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