Leahy's Memphis Historical Postcard

Leahy’s Postcard

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Leahy's Memphis Historical Postcard

This is a postcard of Leahy’s Motel & Trailer Park on Summer Avenue in it’s earlier years.

Leahy’s began as a campsite for people who were fine with staying in a tent. Later on, the location matured into an RV and motel “campsite,” with a three-story house of which, people say, once served as a bordello visited by the great Al Capone.

Drive by Leahy’s today and see what’s different from what you see in this postcard.

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  1. Hello,

    My grandfather on my father’s side owned Monte’s Drive-in restaurant across the street from Leahy’s Motel. My brother and cousins worked at the restaurant every summer. My grandfather and Mr. Leahy were friends and after working all day we walked across the street to Leahy’s to go swimming. My grandfather on my mother’s side is Frank Balton as in Balton sign company who brought neon to Memphis. My grandfather Frank Balton made the first neon Holiday-Inn sign for Kemmons WIlson’s first Holiday Inn on Summer Ave. I will purchase a book for history sake. Good stuff!!
    Randal Balton Robinson

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