Ghosts In Memphis

In this episode of Memphis Type History: The Podcast, we learn that there are a lot of ghosts in Memphis. Earnestine & Hazels, Annesdale Snowden historical neighborhood, and The Orpheum Theater are just a few places where you can find a ghost. To get you further into the Halloween spirit, listen to first-hand accounts of encounters with these ghosts and discover if perhaps you’ve met one yourself!

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Introducing the Pigman

First Caitlin sets the mood for this episode by sharing a story she uncovered of a past Memphis ghost who haunts a smoke stack in North Memphis… the PIGMAN! Squuueeeeeeeel. 

The Haunting of Earnestine & Hazel’s

But then things get real when we share a true story of a guy who witnessed a ghost first-hand at Earnestine & Hazels. We also hear two tales of things that go bump in the night from listeners – but one of them might have quite a logical explanation…

Ghosts Get Real in One Memphis Neighborhood

This house may look like an idealic southern home, but there is more hiding behind the bricks. Ashleigh Carroll shares how she discovered the home she purchased may actually be haunted. “Henrietta” has been paying visits to her family for years. Ashleigh tells several stories about her experiences with the ghost including how other people have at various times confessed experiencing paranormal activity without realizing Ashleigh already knew about it. And spookiest of all, perhaps, the mysterious messenger who delivered a bundle of very old photos of the previous residents only saying, “The pictures stay with the house.” You can see a couple of those photos below but you’ll want to listen to hear why its especially creepy. 

Mary, The Orpheum’s Longest Tenured Star

The Orpheum theatre is a historic place of entertainment. From broadway shows, to concerts, and various other performances, there aren’t many dull nights at this theater. Well, we found out that is especially true because Mary (we’re not sure why everyone names their ghosts, but seriously, they ALL have a name!) has been haunting this place since the 1920’s. Her story is one of tragedy but her presence is warm and joyful. Whether it be a practical joke, hanging out with kids, or watching shows on the balcony, Mary is in good spirits. She even made her presence known to the star of The King and I while on stage. Interestingly, that same show just recently finished a run at the Orpheum. Curious about all the stories? We hear from the director of marketing for special productions, Renee Brame, about the various times and places people have experienced Mary’s presence.

Photo of Mary captured by a student taking photos for a school project. Courtesy of The Orpheum Memphis.
Photo of the Orpheum Theater during the fire. Courtesy of The Orpheum Theater Memphis.


Rebuilding the theater. Courtesy of the Orpheum Theater Memphis.
Mary’s favorite organ and a place she likes to hang out. Courtesy of the Orpheum Memphis.

Interested in learning more about the layout of the Orpheum and its ghost sightings? Check out this map courtesy of the Orpheum Theater Memphis.


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