Great Signs at Balton Sign Co!


Signphoto“And we’ve got a sign out here now that was Graceland Liquor Store that was an old-type neon sign across the street from Graceland. And it’s just sitting on the shop out here.”

Jeff Balton, of Balton Sign Co., so kindly presented me a tour of their great sign shop which holds a fascinating history, as it is the manufacturer of many great signs you will find around town and elsewhere.

I was curious to know what the most expensive sign they ever produced was and he said they’ve had several in the $100,000 price range. One belonged to an old Food Fair which was located on old Summer Ave. by the theater and Skateland Park.

“It was 90 foot tall and stood on three big columns. The Coca-Cola letters were like 15′ by 40’… three sides to it and it had a big, huge tower that came out of the top of it, about 30′ long with neon.”

You can learn more about this Balton company and their great work at

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