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Remembering Bill Womack

In Downtown, Guest Posts, Midtown by Art Hullender6 Comments

Today we have a guest post by Art Hullender. It is a wonderful tribute to Bill Womack, whose design has left a lasting mark on Memphis. I’m pretty sure it was a late fall in 2002. I didn’t know at the time that this would be the last time I would ever see Bill Womack. He was in line in …

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Film Row

In Downtown by Alyssa Long3 Comments

  Did you know Memphis played a major role during the Golden Age of Hollywood? I am sure many can think of a popular movie that was filmed here, however, Memphis’ history with motion pictures goes way back. In the 1930s and 1940s, movie theater programming changed several times each week. The California-based motion picture studios needed a way to …

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The Sterick: “The Most Fabulous Building in Memphis”

In Downtown by Rebecca Phillips13 Comments

Photograph by Khara Woods What is the fate of the Sterick building? A renovated office building, a giant karaoke bar, trivia night theaters with a beer garden and hot tubs, and maybe a science research center with pretty telescopes. No.. we can’t answer that for you, but we can tell you a little about its past. Memphis and Shelby County …

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A History of the Redbirds Logo

In Downtown by Rob StukenborgLeave a Comment

The Memphis Redbirds, the triple A baseball affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals, announced a logo change on Thursday afternoon. The Redbirds are ditching the old, navy blue script logo for a Memphis rendition of the Cardinals “birds on a bat” logo. It comes as no surprise that the Redbirds changed their logo to line up with that of their …

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A Rated PG-13 Guest Post

In Downtown, Guest Posts by Rebecca Phillips4 Comments

Yes, it’s true, I have never actually stepped foot inside a Gentlemen’s Club. However, I do vaguely remember attending a bachelorette event at a Chippendales once. To my dismay, it was nothing like the scene from “Mr. Mom” in where men emerge in space suits on stage and put on a steamy show with the most supreme smiles for the …

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The Holiday Art of Calvin Farrar

In Downtown, Midtown, Random by Rebecca PhillipsLeave a Comment

Some people might consider sign painting as a dying art, just as some might have seen local printing becoming slowly executed by the internet’s ability to provide online magazines, catalogs and quick email blasts. For a time, hand-painted company signs were becoming something of the past and people couldn’t make a living off sign painting alone. There have always been …

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Why B.B. King Calls Her Lucille

In Downtown by Caitlin L. Horton2 Comments

This isn’t a movie review post. You’ll see why in a second. Awhile back I saw B.B. King: The Life of Riley at the Brooks Museum. My review of it is pretty short: It’s great. Now onto the whole point: Why B.B. King calls his guitar Lucille. I learned the story from the movie, although you can find it many …

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The Fame of the Arcade Hotel

In Downtown by Rebecca Phillips1 Comment

Mitzuko: Jun, why do you only take pictures of the rooms we stay in and never what we see outside while we travel? Jun: Those other things are in my memory. The hotel rooms and the airports are the things I’ll forget. You may recall that quote from the cult classic film “Mystery Train” released in 1989. It’s a movie …

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Britling’s Fine Dining

In Downtown by Rebecca Phillips11 Comments

“The new Britling “Self Service” restaurant is a distinct innovation, a definite step forward. It’s the ‘if you want it done well — then do it yourself’ saying molded out to fit the eating game. No! No! Not that you cook your own meals — you do not. You select them from our exceedingly wide and varied menu of wholesome …

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Tennessee Brewery Past and Present

In Downtown by Rebecca PhillipsLeave a Comment

brew•er•y [broo–uh-ree, broo r-ee] noun, plural brew•er•ies. a building or establishment for brewing beer or other malt liquors,  especially the building where the brewing is done. Brewhouse (late 14c.) was the more common word through 18c. Undoubtedly, the most historically famous brewery in Memphis is the Tennessee Brewery. Though it is no longer in operation, the building still stands on Tennessee street with a future still uncertain. The building was erected in 1890 and, at one point, supported more than 1,500 workers. Before prohibition shut down …