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Hollywood Feed–The Old, Neighborhood Feed Store Comes to a Neighborhood Near You

In Midtownby Samantha Hegenheiser-Finley2 Comments

So, here’s what we know. Familiar Broad Avenue mainstay, Hollywood Feed, opened in Memphis sometime in the 1950’s. The first store operated near the intersections of Hollywood and Chelsea. Unfortunately for this eager blogger and for the store’s current, history-embracing owners, photos of the original store seem to have been lost as decades passed and as the store changed hands …

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Shelby Forest General Store – Living and Loving a Legacy

In North Memphisby Samantha Hegenheiser-Finley29 Comments

In Downtown Memphis, workers are making final touches to the faux barn wood and tin roofing that will become part of an outdoor utopia that’s poised to bring about great change for the Uptown and Pinch areas of Downtown. Some say the impact of the new Bass Pro Shops in the Pyramid will have a much more far reaching effect. Just a short …

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The Remnants of an 80’s Kid’s Summer Avenue

In East Memphisby Samantha Hegenheiser-Finley25 Comments

I’m honored to write my first contributor’s post for Memphis Type History. I’m especially excited to delve into my own past and to, in a way, write this post from the perspective of an elementary school-aged version of myself. My memories of being out and about as a child almost solely consist of being on or around Summer Avenue – nearly always …