A Story From Kristin

Kristin Young sent us this sweet little story and we desired a sharing..

“I grew up  a few blocks west of where Joe’s Wines & their infamous neon sign. Everyone else calls it The Sputnik, but I’ve never called it that nor will I ever.

One of the first times my parents drove me past it after I could verbalize my thoughts, I pointed at the sign and screamed, “OOH! IT’S…..DA PRETTY!!!!” So to me and my family (and anyone else I can help to see the light) it’s known as The Pretty! Because it is.”

Kristin is a vintage clothing and decor wholesale and retail vendor. You can find her fantastic line of clothing at Hoot+Louise and in her Etsy shop Le Saispas Vintage. The first dress to meet your eyes may beguile a buying so be warned…

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