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Dead Men Walking in Barboro Alley

In Downtown by Caitlin L. Horton0 Comments

With a name that bounces around your mouth as you say it, Barboro Alley will immediately charm you with its old-fashioned stone walkway nestled between façades of peeling paint. Just stepping into the alley takes you back to another century. Except that in past centuries, you might not have taken such a pleasant stroll between the restaurants and bars you …

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387 Part 2: Fred P. Gattas and the Catalog

In Downtown by Rebecca Phillips0 Comments

The catalog you see above resides at 387 South Main, currently the home of Stock & Belle, previously the warehouse of Fred P. Gattas Co., Inc. You’ll find it covers “a wide field of top-grade merchandise.” Among the items are fans and coolers, picnic and barbeque equipment, flags, lawn games and furniture, gardening, leather goods, jewel boxes, clocks, men’s accessories, …